I've had the pleasure of getting to know Joey on both a personal and professional level over the last year and there aren't enough good things I can say about this man. I own a Post Production company that does a lot of work with Disney and that comes with a lot of pressure to perform and deliver. On every project, he has exceeded expectations and continues to provide top-notch work no matter what the ask. His dedication to his craft and respect for his clients makes Joey one of my favorite people to work with, hands down. I am so grateful that our paths crossed and I'm looking forward to this being a lifelong relationship. 10-4 Good Buddy!

- Brent Belvedere, Owner / Freelance Video Editor, Strike First Post Production, LLC (Disney Vendor) -

“Joey joined our Universal Creative Media team nearly three years ago, and has been nothing short of a true professional and master of his craft during his tenure with us. Every project he worked on, whether high level with A-list talent, or short form internal projects, he always brought the same level of unprecedented dedication, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment. The passion he brought to our team each and every day was constantly on display through the outstanding quality of his work. Without hesitation, I can confidently say that he will be an invaluable team member to anyone he works with in the future. It’s been an honor to work with Joey, and I look forward to working with him again soon!”

- Jeff Lehman, Senior Manager, Creative Media Services, Universal Creative (NBCUniversal) -  

"I had the pleasure of working with Joey in the media group at Universal Creative where he was a valuable resource to our project. The media group relied on his editing and production experience during the pre-visualization phase of the Super Nintendo World project. Joey's motion graphic skills helped us demonstrate a unique concept for one of the interactive media experiences that was created for Universal Studio Japan. The concept media he created helped inform our external vendor of the intended scope for the final production. In addition to being an ace editor, Joey is also very easy to work with and has a calm confident nature even when deadlines are tight. He would often turn a cut around for team feedback early so he could hit the final version right the first time. He is very knowledgeable in all things media and really helped inform the final deliverable media sizes and specs. Any company looking for a talented editor and motion graphic artist who will support his team to deliver the best product should look no further. Joey will not let you down!

- Chris Bromby, Media Producer, Universal Creative (NBCUniversal) -    

“I was fortunate to work with Joey on my latest documentary, ‘My American Pilgrimage.’ Joey is an amazing video effects editor who is very fast and easy to work with. I found him to be extremely generous with his time, and even when faced with adverse situations like a family emergency, he made sure he responded to my email or a pending question. In the fast paced work environment we live in, he is a rare find-- dependable beyond reproach, gentle in his dealings, patient and above all, extremely talented. His approach to a collaboration is an invaluable asset to independent producers. I only hope that he will be available to work with me on my next docu-drama.”

- Pavlina Proevska, Producer / Writer / Director, Pavlina LTD - 

“During his tenure with Electronic Arts - Tiburon, from 2008 to 2017, I have had the opportunity to not only marvel at some of Joey's work as a Senior Video Editor / Compositor, but also to gain an understanding of him as a person. I have found him to be a geniune team player who cares not only about his work, but also the work of others and the goals of the organization. He is a hard-working and friendly individual with a great commitment to quality and a high degree of personal integrity. From a creative perspective, Joey is very talented and has demonstrated his creative abilities time and time again across a variety of projects, winning 13 TELLY Awards across 18 different game titles on which he worked while at Tiburon. His artistic eye and his skills in Video Editing and Compositing have been a benefit to the studio and he, to my knowledge, has never missed a deadline. In short, no matter how big or small the assignment, Joey always strives to deliver a creative solution that has a positive impact.”

- Daryl Holt, Vice President / Group COO, EA SPORTS - Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

“He (Joey) is an extremely collaborative and talented Video Editor and Compositor. He is a strong communicator, able to take feedback and iterate while continuing to be very reliable with his commitments. As a partner to the creative leadership on the development team, Joey created numerous in game video assets that were used in the final version of the game as well as a tool to help visually communicate vision and execution of in game features to an internal executive audience. His work was always a huge help to me in this regard. On top of that, he also created multiple award winning videos used for promotion for various NBA LIVE gen4 titles that were all extremely well received.”

- Sean O'Brien, Executive Producer, EA SPORTS NBA LIVE franchise - Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

“Joey loves his craft! He is a passionate, dedicated artist and a skilled editor who’s been responsible creating some of our most critical in and out-of-game, customer facing video assets for PGA TOUR, NBA LIVE and MADDEN NFL. Joey is honest and hard-working. During the time that we’ve worked together Joey consistently demonstrated his personal work ethic and his ability to meet often tight deadlines without compromising the quality of his work. He is skilled in software and techniques and is adapt at catching errors. Often when our business needed top-notch motion graphics the team looked to Joey to create and provide. Joey takes direction well, yet is also able to run with his own creative ideas. He’s good at embracing client’s or partner’s ideas and collaborating on creative designs, concepts and suggestions that often result in better assets. Joey’s passion for his work, skills and creative contributions will surely benefit any organization.”

- Leslie Moes, Development Director & Supervisor, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

“He is a natural leader, and his organizational skills are exceptional. His willingness to collaborate creative with a team is phenomenal and his execution is among the best in the industry. Joey’s ability to plan a strategy, organize and make sure that it’s implemented accurately and quickly have contributed immensely to the recent successes in our department. He is extremely creative and hardworking, and has been the go to for many colleagues on the extremely difficult projects. Through the years, together in the trenches, Joey handled the daily grind with our marketing partners, branding, industry trade shows, high-end global product meetings, in-game assets, as well as supporting all of the EA SPORTS franchises, and all the while never missing a deadline. He always does whatever he has to do to bring a project home. We’ve worked on a lot of award-winning content and I will always be grateful for his passion, hard work and dedication during his time here at EA SPORTS Tiburon.”

- Craig Anglin, Video Director & Supervisor, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

"As Media Operations Manager of Electronic Arts, I was searching for a veteran Editor / Compositor to expand our creative abilities. When I found Joey's website and Demo Reel I jumped at the chance to set up a meeting. It was the best meeting request I ever sent. Since then, years have passed and Joey continues to amaze me with his skills, drive, attitude, and willingness to lead in the Post Production Industry. His communication level and keeping clients involved during every step of the process is why people request Joey Morelli for their projects. Joey's attention to detail, superior technical knowledge, and creative ability were just the ticket to bring our media to the next level for broadcast, web, and in game assets. Give this guy a chance and he will knock your socks off with nothing but results."

- Scott Mosteller, Media Operations Manager, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Joe on a video for the latest installment of our Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise (2014). The whole process went so smoothly and was a great deal of fun basically because of Joe's hard work and dedication to quality. First of all, Joe is an extremely gifted Video Editor. He created one of the finest pieces of work that I've ever seen produced in my time at EA. The video was informative, but contained a great deal of emotion that got everyone in the mood to play the game. But talent is only part of the story with Joe. He's also very easy to work with because he's so pro-active and full of joy for what he does. Joe is one of the best, if not the best, video editor that I've had the pleasure of working with."

- Sean Wilson, Producer, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

"The quality of work Joey provides is unsurpassable. Very often I have extremely tight turnarounds and I am asking him to accomplish a great deal in a very short amount of time. He has never failed to deliver above-and-beyond what I am looking for by whatever deadline I set. And if he feels I am asking for the moon (which I often do), he will manage my expectations and work with me to deliver the highest quality product within the parameters I have. His work is beautiful."

- Kirsten Sheen, Director of Creative Services, Golf Channel -

"Joey Morelli needs no endorsement. He is regarded as the leading Graphics Designer in Orlando, FL. and has worked as a Senior Graphics Designer for the largest high end companies in the Orlando market. He pushes the limit of what his systems can do (often to my dismay !), and produces results that are only equaled by the top Graphics Artists in NY or LA. He simply has no competition in the Central Florida market."

- Bob Zelin, Owner, Rescue 1, Inc -

"I have worked with Joey for a couple of years now doing audio-for-video work he has created. Morelli is just an all around creative person who always brings that extra level of depth to a project. Joey is talented, efficient and can quickly spark new ideas. If you're looking for a world class compositor or editor - this is the guy."

- Jesse James Allen, Studio Audio Director, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

"Joey is a very talented and experienced Senior Editor / Compositor. If I have a project that needs video production work, I ask for him by name. Joey's keen eye for detail, professional attitude and high level of expectation and commitment to every project make him one of my favorite guys to work with and the results usually end up from "epic" to "great!" to "award winning"."

- Peyton Duncan, Art Director, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

"I worked with Joey on several Tiger Woods PGA TOUR video game projects at Electronic Arts. He is simply put one of the best video editors and compositors in the gaming industry! Joey possesses a rare blend of creative and technical experience that any game studio would be very fortunate to use. His no-nonsense outlook, professionalism and constant humor will transform any hectic and stressful deadline into a mostly enjoyable experience. It has been a pleasure working with Joey and I very strongly recommend him"

- Reza Elghazi, Producer, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

“Joey is one of the most talented guys that I've had the pleasure to work with at EA. We've worked closely on many different marketing / game projects and not only is he a great guy who is a blast to work with, but he brings all of the intangibles to his craft - he's passionate, highly creative, organized, and in short, he delivers. His video skills are among the very best I've seen in my 10+ years in the industry. An absolute pro in the true sense, and just a wonderful guy to boot, I would give Joey the highest recommendation possible.”

- Rob Warren, Senior Audio Artist, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

“Joey's ability to deliver high-quality video content for our projects on time is invaluable in our fast-paced industry. He can always get excellent results, even when resources and time are at a premium. He's been able to deliver on schedule in spite of changing requirements at the eleventh hour and is very attentive to the needs of his clients. An upbeat, positive attitude make working with Joey a pleasure. He's been a quality addition to the Tiburon family."

- Greg Rinaldi, Associate Producer, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA SPORTS) -

“Joey is one of those guys that you need on your team to make sure that your product is not only robust enough for commercial sale, but also viable as a product as well. More than once Joey has helped turn a so-so beta build into a solid product that people actually want to use. He is honest and seems to really "get it". This type of contribution is an absolute requirement for anyone wanting to really deliver that killer solution. There would a lot more junk out there if wasn't for folks like Joey. I would recommend Joey in a heartbeat, and I have!"

- Micah Sharp, Engineering Manager, Red Giant Software -

“Joey is a highly creative designer. Joey is very efficient with his time and is great at working under tight deadlines. The products that Joey creates are very professional and contemporary. I would definitely recommend him for any high profile video design work.”

- Greg Pruitt, Director, Creative Services, Golf Channel -

“During our time together at the Golf Channel, it was not uncommon to have a rush project with zippo for leadtime, creative briefs and normal preview and review periods...and Joey and I got connected on several of these projects. Rather than be booted to the bottom of the priority list, Joey actually researched my projects. Not only were the results stunningly simply and brilliant -- they worked!!! Joey's commercial spots drove applications and subscriptions and set the tone for the brand positioning online. So note to potential clients: work with Joey and you'll get thoughful, provoking work that will actually help you grow your business. And enjoy the benefits of working with a nice, caring guy too!”

- Cindy Berger, Director of Marketing, New Media and Consumer Products, Golf Channel -

“I had the pleasure of working with Joe on a number of high profile projects at the Golf Channel. Joe executes a Producer’s graphic vision perfectly. When given complete creative freedom, he exceeds your wildest expectations. The combination of creative talent and lightning fast execution makes Joe a valuable resource in a field of tight deadlines.”

- Chris Conrad, Senior Producer, Creative Services, Golf Channel -

“Joey is a constant professional, even when faced in the most challenging of situations. He is both detail and solution oriented and a fantastic TEAM player! Joey is talented, creative, and driven with a keen sense of positive intuition; he is a visionary amongst his peers. There is no doubt in my mind that whatever he sets his mind upon, he will achieve it! He has a "can do" attitude - no matter the task! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joey at StudioZ, he definitely understands Strategic and Tactical Business, Technology, ROI and People. That is a great combination for success!”

- Heidi Moss, VP Internal Operations, Zimmerman Advertising -

“Working with Joey was a great experience. I could always count on him to be exceptionally creative & inventive, rock-solid reliable and cheerfully positive. What more could you ask for?”

- Dan Gitlitz, VP/Group Creative Director, Zimmerman Advertising -

“Remember when you were a kid, and you were the captain of the dodge ball team... Joe's the guy you pick first to be on your side. Strong team player, quick, agile, dependable, creative, and wants his team to win. His quick sense of humor is a good indicator as to how intelligent he really is. Having worked with Joe in the past, I must say that he is one of the most dependable, professional, creative and caring individuals I've ever had the honor to have worked with. His desire to excel in his industry and his work ethic makes him not only an invaluable team member, but proves that he is a natural born leader. I look forward to following his career advancement and seeing what future he creates for himself. Let's just say, that if I was on the opposing side of the dodge ball field... I would be worried!”

- Betty Ballew-Levy, Video Director, Zimmerman Advertising -

“Joey is one of the most personable and intelligent video producers I have ever worked with. His attention to detail and desire to produce the very best communication on every project is overshadowed only by his amazing personality. Joey and I worked together on several award-winning commercials for Nissan while at Zimmerman and if I may say so, they were well deserved awards at that. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a seasoned artist/producer that can take even the most disparate and unorganized concept and turn it into a masterpiece. I only wish he had not moved away, as I would also cherish the opportunity to work with him again on a regular basis.”

- Ed Ethridge , Senior Editor & Graphic Artist, Zimmerman Advertising -

“Have worked with Joe Morelli for several years as part of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group. He has been a moderator on our forums for as long as I can remember and has helped hundreds of people solve their problems with motion graphics and Final Cut Pro. He has created graphics for our web site as well as the button bar. He's been an invaluable resource to lafcpug as well as to the Final Cut Pro and Motion Graphic community that makes up our organization. lafcpug would be a poorer place without him.”

- Michael Horton , Head and founder , LAFCPUG (Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group) -

“Over the years I've known Joey through the LAFCPUG I have always been impressed with his skill, ability and insight. His vast knowledge of the Post Production arena with expertise in graphics and motion graphics make him a priceless employee for any company and an invaluable advisor for the groups he is part of.”

- Ben King, Designer / Director / Editor and Moderator, LAFCPUG -

“Joe's graphics are always eye catching and amazing. His graphics never disappoint. In fact, they tend to exceed expectations. And he is highly professional and a joy to work with.”

- Shane Ross, Lead Editor, Jim Lindsay Productions -

“Joey Morelli, A full Sail graduate from '98, is one of the students that I use as an exemplar even to this day. I tell current students about his work and accomplishments in order to inspire them and give them a goal to strive for. Instead of a hypothetical goal, I just say, hey how would you like to be like this...and then show a few clips... Joey has a balance in his approach that takes the best of his detail oriented eye, and matches it with his ability to finesse a solution within the scope of the task at hand. He's the person you want as your devil's advocate as he'll tell it like it is and then fix it.”

- Mac Rutan, Course Director, Full Sail University -

“Joey was a performing arts student of mine during his time at SUNY Rockland. From day one it was clear Joey was a serious artist who had dedication to his craft and a drive that was an inspiration to others. In my action theatre class he excelled and provided leadership to other younger students. Joey was always asking the right questions and answering them by finding the truth within. His insight as an acting student was highlighted in a Shakespeare workshop with his clear interpretation of King Henry V. Joey showed an early interest in video production as he shot, edited and produced a full length feature of a production of 12th Night I directed for the mainstage. You can't go wrong when Morelli is attached to any project.”

- Steven Andresen, Performing Arts Teacher, SUNY Rockland Community College -